Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training fundamentally shifted the way I look at myself as a woman and as a leader. Since completing this training program, I have noticed significant enhancements in almost every area of my life. I am healthier, happier, and my organization is financially more abundant than ever before. I recommend EWTT to women throughout the globe. This is truly the holistic and supportive training program modern women have been waiting for.  


Ruthi Solari, Executive Director, SuperFood Drive

There are a ton of programs being offered these days about feminine leadership/empowerment...and then there’s Practical Alchemy – a modern-day initiation into embodied wisdom, which helps you intuitively recognize, organically cultivate, and naturally unleash the authentic feminine leader/teacher you already are, so you can create lasting change on this planet...Shakti Rising - one of the most genuine and important social change organizations (and in my opinion, priestess lineages) on the planet. They are loaded with integrity and potency... remember - you’re a creation and a creator of magic and mystery and it’s time to start acting like it!



Sera Beak,

Author of Red, Hot, and Holy

It is medicine for the soul of every woman. This training helped me to tap into the great power and potential in myself. It speaks intimately to the experience of being a woman - the joys and the challenges. It helped me to validate myself…. to validate my own experience of living and life. 


Alia Shaw

Healing practitioner

Shakti’s model of facilitation trains the facilitator to first trust her intuition and deviate from the outline if necessary. How many facilitator training’s teach the facilitator that its OK to steer off the beaten path if its in best service of the group? To do this, the facilitators become masters of guiding the group to the “north star”. And we all know that when you follow the north star, you’ll always find your way.


Erin Lightfoot, Graduate student of Transformative Leadership at CIIS 


I am very proud of my commitment to Shakti, how it has evolved and how this work has rippled out into all aspects of my life. I am proudest of myself for listening, learning, trusting in myself and the process itself—that I was on the right path, and Shakti was always there to remind me. One community, one purpose, with all of us holding our part of the system.


In my professional search, I have been clear about my commitment to lead with the heart, create sacred space with the capacity to connect the larger ‘why’ to the task at hand, and most importantly, to bridge the gap between principle and practice. 


Kelly Scanlan, Embodied Wisdom Participant

I’m now writing about the feminine in my PhD program. This needs to be part of the conversation in academia; what we’re reclaiming in this kind of work. There are multiple places to do this, but in education, we can’t just be these talking heads thinking about the worlds problems, we need to get in our bodies and our subjectivity and get connected to the land that sustains us.


A​ngie, Therapist and PhD student



I was just coming off of living on reservation and just starting over living in Flagstaff. Practical Alchemy was like re-emerging into the Feminine - to reclaim again what it is I’m here to do in the world. It definitely had an impact starting a business here in Flagstaff and reaching out in my community here.


K​atie Klein, Owner at Cedar and Sage Healing Arts

The seeds were planted in Practical Alchemy for me to feel capable of being an Embodied Feminine Leader. There is a feminine that I can draw on, always. I feel a deep, new connection to young women that I work with, and I feel most priestess-like when I go into the Sober Living Environment that's all male. They are so ready for Embodied Feminine Leadership. I'm blasting everything with love that I felt when I was in Practical Alchemy and teaching youg me how to do that.


Jessica Vargas, teacher/social change agent working  with youth in recovery



As I lead with the ministry, I find myself in a very feminine role. I’m demanding that there be space in the world to hold for others to enter in the sacred circle. That feels like a different approach than what the church has historically done. Rather, we’re listening to what people are longing and hoping for instead of what we want to impress upon them. That’s been our vision. My leadership is naturally stemming from embodied feminine leadership, that’s what I know.


B​rianna Kelly, Missioner for Praxis Communities

Embodied Wisdom Testimonials