Feminine-Centered Facilitation/Transformational​ Leadership


​Shakti Rising’s Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training is a feminine-centered training model of leadership, empowerment and facilitation. This program weaves a link between personal healing and social change, which are both at the foundation of true embodiment of any teaching material.


This two year training program is designed to be supportive to leaders within social change organizations and for leaders in the areas of education, sustainability, health and wellness, business management and community development. It is founded on key principles of the Shakti Rising model, which has 15 years proven success in leadership development.


As a participant, you will be a part of a supportive community of feminine-centered leaders who will help you develop your own work and take it into your community to be the change you wish to see.


What you receive from Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training:


As you progress in the Certification Program as a ‘Shaktified’ facilitator, you can expect to experience spirituality in practice, to seep in deep intuition of the feminine, and to feel the depth of practical application. Individuals will learn to hold space for the dark and the light as they dance between the masculine and feminine energies in their own lives and in the world. Inherently, human beings are reactive until they are awakened. This program is designed to awaken you to your fullest potential as an individual, as an agent of social change and as a teacher to others.


The certification program provides on-going supervision, mastery in transformational leadership and one-on-one support. Upon completion, individuals will be thoroughly prepared to lead Shakti Rising curriculum with diverse communities, integrate Shakti facilitation skills into unique institutions and organizations, and develop applications for practice and education programs.


The Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training Certification is a training technology that goes beyond most “train the trainer” programs as it is not tied to specific content, but rather results in teachers who are leaders, able to facilitate transformation for individuals and groups, teams or organizations regardless of content or setting. 



Embodied Wisdom Teachers experience:


Personal experience of Shakti’s model of authentic individual transformation


Real-time opportunity to teach to teachers  


Receiving meaningful feedback and on-the-spot coaching


Practice tracking multiple layers of energy in a room


Quality modeling of feminine-centered preparation, self-care & facilitator hygiene


Practice teaching from the heart while using the mind as the trusted advisor

Core outcomes include:


• Personal experience of authentic transformation 


• Embodiment of the Healthy Adult (ownership) in which they are the Container, they practice Truth telling, walking their talk, and are responsive not reactive


• Experience of Shakti’s “therapeutic education” model, curriculum, and classes from teaching in the feminine and embodying the Ongoing Learner


• Participants become ambassadors/ advocates/ engaged community members who are active and impactful change agents

Module 1: Practical Alchemy - The foundational 40 hr residential intensive


Module 2: Alchemical Practicuum I - online community of practice


Module 3: Electives - 8-36 hr courses (Sustainability, Creative Expression, etc.)


Module 4: Art of Wisdom Tending - 40 hr residential intensive


Module 5: Alchemical Practicuum II - facilitating & teaching wisdom communities


There was a time when I believed there was a difference between what I did in a meeting and in a counseling group. However, the reality is that I have always been a facilitator of transformation. There are variations in my approach, in the techniques or language used, and certainly a colorful continuum of responses depending on the audience. What remains consistent is the power of authentic presence, the importance of connection, and the potency of trusting the process. This is an experiential form of education- the type that creates radical shifts in perspective and calls people home to themselves, and to this moment. In this container, magic (or alchemy) can occur.


Shannon Thompson, Founder and Visionary Director of Shakti Rising




Woven into the ground of feminine being


1. Back to Basics: Presence, Embodiment, and Self Reflection are foundational to  being the change, to creating safety, connection, building a container, creating meaningful conversation and building true community.


2. Integrity: Practicing what you teach; taking risks at your edge; living the model


3. Creating Community: Courses are taught in circles intentionally; the wisdom is in the room for individuals but also for our community as a whole. Circles are an opportunity to link the connection between personal healing process and community development.

Intuitive intelligence can be trained. We can learn to use intuition in trustworthy ways to address issues large and small – to create opportunities, develop a plan, solve pressing problems, open new possibilities, etc….The best leaders have learned not only to just trust their instincts, but to obey them.


 Oxford Leadership Academy



Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training Certification Program