Sustainablity Module

2017 dates to be shared soon


Shakti Rising is rooted in an understanding that the human collective is a basic component of the earth system. We are not apart, nor nested within, but are integrated into all earth systems: anthrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere. Therefore we know that what we do to the earth, we do to the feminine, especially women & girls. Full spectrum justice emancipates & creates health, thus is integral to sustainability. Shakti Rising accepts this paradigm acknowledging the responsibility of the human collective to nurture connection, compassion, comprehension, celebration, commitment and courage in and by one and all to ensure a thriving planet, community, and self. 

“All of this is to say that the future doesn’t happen; rather, it is created- day by day- in no small part, as a result of our courage to speak our deepest truth.”

Christopher Uhl, Developing Ecological Consciousness: The End of Separation


This elective is offered as a part of the Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training certification program.