Alchemical Practicuum
Program Policies

We welcome you into our international online learning community!

If you choose to join us, you agree to uphold the following policies with us during your time inside of the Alchemical Practicuum container.

  • Once you have enrolled, you agree that you’ll be charged for the full 6 months ($540), regardless of your participation. We recognize learning online is something many of us have never done before; and even if it’s not entirely new, we most likely haven’t been orienting to it from the Feminine or in the Shakti Way. We know from experience that there is a learning curve during the first month or two, especially because many of us are unwinding unhealthy and unhelpful ways of engaging with technology in addition to taking on the new content and community that AP is offering. In other words, even if the first couple of months feel awkward or you’re not in your groove yet, we ask you to stick with it. This financial agreement is designed to support you to stay through that first - sometimes challenging - phase so you can truly receive what Alchemical Practicuum has to offer.

  • If at any point you need to take an extended break, you can request that your 6 months of access to Alchemical Practicuum be extended while you take your time off, as long as you provide 30 days notice to Alchemical Practicuum teachers. We understand, Life happens. That’s great; we love Life! And, in order to support you to get the most out of your Alchemical Practicuum experience and for us to be able to hold a coherent energetic container for all the participants, first check in with yourself about Calling and Capacity - what is your desired level of participation and what is feasible (plus a little stretch - the pleasure point of growth). If you know you’ll be traveling or have a family emergency, for example, check in with us about it and we can hold you as “deferred” for a limited period. This will not affect your payment plan, if you have one. (Note: lack of participation or long periods of not engaging with the material/platform/calls does not constitute a deferral unless you have specifically requested one.)

  • We do not offer refunds. Ladies, your participation is your responsibility. We invite you to uphold the commitment you made to yourself and to this program when you registered. If something comes up that affects your ability to participate in a major way, communicate with us about a possible deferral.

  • Initial enrollment is 6 months, AND, we know Alchemical Practicuum to be 9-13 month program. We each learn at our own pace, in our own way. Alchemical Practicuum is a self-directed learning journey because we know that and we trust that learning and growth are unique processes for each of us. You determine the pace of your movement through it and when you are complete. As you approach completion of your first 6 months, an Alchemical Practicuum teaching team member will reach out to you and the two of you will identify your next step depending on your pace, your desire and our assessment of your progress: 3 more months, 6 more months or moving toward completion (at which point you will re-enroll and pay or set up a payment plan for the remainder of your participation).

  • As you approach the 9th or 12th month, if you have completed all of your teaching hours and you and the Alchemical Practicuum teaching team together agree that it’s right timing, you will complete an exit project. This is a project of your design, based on a structure that supports you to work your most potent teaching edge. In our experience, the exit project process takes one month from start to finish, so we request that you create time and space to complete Practicuum well - meaning you feel good and right with your Soul, your inner teacher feels satiated, and your sense of completion is authentic and robust.