Practical Alchemy

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To the Alchemist, transformation is a way of life and she lives it all the time, everywhere, no matter what.


This is a journey toward becoming an Embodied Feminine Leader, with body, heart, mind, and soul aligned and equipped to follow the guidance of Life in service of the Whole.

Practical Alchemy is our four day immersion experience designed to surround you in a wisdom community that is living this alchemical way of being, so that by weaving together practice and principle, personal transformation and feminine-centered leadership, you can BE the change you want to see in the world.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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Real time teach-backs


Eco-centric learning

Expressive Arts

There are a ton of programs being offered these days about feminine leadership/empowerment...and then there’s Practical Alchemy – a modern-day initiation into embodied wisdom, which helps you intuitively recognize, organically cultivate, and naturally unleash the authentic feminine leader/teacher you already are, so you can create lasting change on this planet...Shakti Rising - one of the most genuine and important social change organizations (and in my opinion, priestess lineages) on the planet. They are loaded with integrity and potency... remember - you’re a creation and a creator of magic and mystery and it’s time to start acting like it!

Sera Beak, author of Red, Hot, and Holy



The Practical Alchemy experience:


You will be immersed in the Shakti Rising model, founded in holistic, feminine-centered, and experiential roots which cultivate the ability to facilitate an alchemical approach to transformation from the classroom to the boardroom. Practical Alchemy is an opportunity to experience these principles and methodologies first and foremost for yourself, so you may begin to live them in your daily life and integrate them across a wide variety of settings. Our approach is to first nurture ourselves deeply and in doing so, learn to create transformation for others.


This training weaves together personal transformation and unique feminine-centered facilitation training, complete with identification and examination of teachable moments, real-time coaching, and training on how to teach to the mental, emotional and spiritual elements of the individual and the group. Teachers will learn how to manage the containers for their own work while dancing in the co-management and facilitation of the container for the group.

Tuition for stand-alone Practical Alchemy is $1,500, including food and lodging.  If you are interested in the certification program, the combined price for Practical Alchemy + Alchemical Practicuum (6 months) is $1,950. Please complete the application here. We offer payment plans and scholarship possibilities, please indicate your need on the application form.

Practicum Alchemy Dates

We are committed to responding to the needs and energy of our community.

For that reason, Practical Alchemy dates are set once 12 women have registered.

If you feel called to Practical Alchemy, apply today. Your commitment will make it possible for others.

Practical Alchemy is for Visionaries, Mothers, Revolutionaries, Ministers, Educators, Healers, Activists, and any woman who:


  • Has vision and is ready to share it

  • Is ready to build community and create transformational change

  • Is ready to unleash the fullest potential of their organization