“The world needs more than just female leaders. We need the women who are ready to put their stake in the ground to transform the things they know can and must be changed in their communities.”

Meet the Embodied Wisdom National Teaching Corps

Shannon Thompson
Alchemist, Designer, Teacher & Founder of Shakti Rising

Shannon started teaching before she could speak. With her wide eyed wonder and contagious curiosity, she seemed to pull the world towards her. By the age of 4, she stood sentinel on the sidewalk, watching longingly as the other kids went off to school. Four decades later, her appetite for community, sharing knowledge and belief in the power of embodied wisdom are constant companions in her work with women in their communities around the world.  


Known for a powerful blend of magical and practical, Shannon walks between worlds. Fluent in the mystical and unseen, she translates this wisdom across settings and languages – from corporate speak to soul-whispering intimacy – to effect change where it is wanted and most needed.

Called to blighted urban ghettos, Fortune 500 boardrooms, and everywhere in between, she is a teacher’s teacher, and a healer’s healer. She is a student of leadership and community development, social justice, women's studies, transformational studies and, of course, the divine feminine, which is where Shakti Rising dances.


In this living laboratory, Shannon joins age-old wisdom with modern realities, weaving together emergent design, resource rich community development, and a soulful style of leadership that invites women to come forward and answer their divine calling.


What started as a personal siren song from the ancients has become a worldwide contemporary movement. Since its inception, Shakti Rising has supported, mentored, and fostered thousands of women, girls and women-led organizations with feminine practices, approaches and systems, alchemical transformation and leadership development.


As program designer for Practical Alchemy, Shannon is the master trainer for each one of Shakti’s Embodied Wisdom teachers. She is integrally involved in each immersion, either as teacher or teacher’s guide. Learn more about the course here.  

Eden Trenor
Deputy Headmistress, Shakti Feminine University

Eden is a Seattle-born song carrier who has worked in a woman-owned bicycle shop in Cuba, started a farmer’s market in her Washington hometown, led circles in San Quentin prison, studied permaculture, and lived in over a dozen countries. Some say she resembles a redwood tree.

She has trained in Lakota, Huichol, Cherokee, pagan, and Jewish ceremonial traditions and practices Reiki, acupressure, yoga, flower essences and western herbalism. Weaving her varied life experiences is a deep desire to learn and cross-pollinate the regenerative cultural practices that birth creative, peaceful, interdependent people and communities.


Eden holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Religion from Oberlin College, is bilingual, co-managed Seattle's community grant program and holds both Teen Talking Circles and Dancing Freedom Facilitator certifications. She directed the California Global Peace Youth Summit and has worked as a nature connection mentor and facilitator for multiple youth organizations.

Her heart is stirred by dance, ceremonial song, and sensory exploration of the natural world. Her soul’s calling is to steward and share the visceral experience of magic, creativity and peace that come from being in relationship with All of Life.

Marcela Veron

Marcela is an Intuitive Mentor, Medicine Woman, Priestess, Interior Alchemist, and Essence & Embodiment Coach. She helps women come back into their sacred feminine energy, embrace their inner beauty, and express their heart's desires, both personally and professionally. She specializes in helping women find more clarity in their relationships for deeper connection and soul fulfillment. She also helps create a home sanctuary that reflects their unique divine design and invoke their cherished intentions. Marcela helps women Return to their Essence, Remember their Magic and Reclaim their Feminine Soul.

"Gentle Sage, Wisdom Presence...

let love guide you on your own path...

Limitless learning takes place,

Harnessing wisdom and sharing

with grace."

Breyn Hibbs

Breyn's studies have taken her around the world – from India to Costa Rica. Her heart has led her to volunteer for the St. Charles Cancer Center in Bend, Oregon. Her personal calling pulled her to co-develop and teach at the Empower Women’s Leadership Retreat.

At the heart of Breyn’s work is a commitment to contribute meaningfully to the reawakening of the Divine Feminine on the planet. Her awakening came as a graduate assistant in the UCSD Women’s Center, where her eyes and heart were opened to feminism and its inherent, necessary connection to spiritual growth. It was then that she came to understand her own purpose as an authentic woman and leader.

A certified yoga teacher and Reiki master, Breyn has studied holistic healing modalities such as essential oils, herbalism, and crystal healing.

​She holds a Master’s in Peace & Justice Studies with a specialization in human rights and teaches at her local community college, her studio Sol Alchemy, a local recovery center, and as a founding partner of Awakened Heart Healing and Awakened Heart Leadership.

Chelsea Cotton

Lady of Devotional Leadership, Shakti Rising


Chelsea is the living embodiment of the radical power of following your longing. Committing herself to shamanic studies when she was just 13, she yearned for the remembering and living of ancient ways. This early initiation opened her eyes to the unseen, to a radical way of learning, and to living a life that is in deep relationship to the natural world. Her calling has led her near and far seeking radical immersion in service. She has assisted with births in a Tanzanian hospital, worked with Women in Action on economic empowerment, supported the Masai with women’s advocacy work, facilitated women’s healing circles in Greece, promoted women’s rights in India, taught English in a monastery, worked in North Indian orphanages and at Mother Theresa’s

Katie Klein

Home for the Destitute, and double majored in Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies at Mills College. She is a gifted energy practitioner, dream worker, and continues her shamanic practices with Peruvian elders and indigenous wisdom keepers. She loves to dance, sisterhood and building community. She can't remember a song on the radio, although unfortunately for many she tries, but remembers ancient ways and practices like they never went out of style. For her, the restoration of the Feminine is the most important work on this planet, and is devoted to being an embodied steward of this way of being, living, and leading.


Deeply sensitive, Katie's primary teachers have been nature, dreams and energy. This innate knowing has led her to seek teaching and apprenticeship in traditional women's ways and indigenous cultures – from herbalism, aromatherapy, and energy work, to massaging indigenous elders in service to community, to various healing modalities, rituals and ceremonies. Her life walk has taken her to many places, some extreme, where her ability to sense, see and work with energy, has led her to powerful personal and groups experiences. A Board certified massage therapist as well as a biodynamic cranial sacral therapist, hers is an integrative approach that focuses on the body as biosphere. Relating our internal processes to our physical environment, she knows that healing occurs when we reconnect to the nature within and around us. She has deep knowing that an inherent healing mechanism is always present and available to restore balance to the body, mind and spirit. An intrepid entrepreneur in the healing arts, she founded Dancing Heart Spa and Cedar & Sage Healing Arts, both in San Diego.

Founding member of Shakti Rising and Owner, Cedar & Sage Healing Arts

Christina Burke Kiesel
Mistress of Plenty, Shakti Rising

Raised by a family of storytellers and drummers, Christina was introduced to social justice and the power of education to transform community by her Grandmother, who has a herstory of engineering new pathways and being stubborn as hell about things that matter.

Christina is a weaver by nature – of people, patterns, words, and this fabled new way of living that is at our fingertips. She’s spent time in Tanzania promoting sustainable community development through education, microfinance and health care in rural communities. Witnessing cross-cultural environments through immersion experiences has been at the forefront of her journey since she was 14.

For a decade, Christina devoted herself to macro-level redevelopment projects, channeling her passion for community building into a platform to help communities redefine themselves as they work toward progressive social change. She has developed educational seminars in cross-cultural spaces for the Arusha Project, leadership programs for low-income communities, and serves as a guest speaker for universities, national organizations such as the American Cancer Society, and community- based organizations focused on leadership, service, and community well-being.

Christina holds a BA in Urban Studies & Planning and another in Sociology, as well as several certificates from NeighborWorks America Training Institute’s Community Engagement program. Her journey toward wholeness has unearthed her deep desire to see the world’s interconnectedness expressed.

Her jam is creating vibrant and thriving communities that achieve just this. She is an natural bridge builder and thrives on the creative process of surfacing unseen resources by bringing the talents, knowledge, and skills of a community together to increase their collective and democratic power.


Angie Hensley, MFT
Priestess of Psyche, Shakti Rising

Angie Is a lifelong learner and teacher with passion, fierce dedication, and belief in the power of liberatory feminine pedagogy to create lasting, community wide change. As a long time feminist, she has done community building and social change work with adolescent mothers in Planned Parenthood Mar Monte's Teen Success program and advocated on behalf of women through  the American Congress of OBGYNs 39 week initiative.

Her education is rooted in experiential and transformative learning methods with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, an MA in Counseling Psychology and as a PhD candidate in Human Sexuality. Teaching applied psychology at a men's prison and the local community college, Angie loves to witness transformation and healing in the classroom.

As a Certified Focusing-Oriented therapist, she naturally works with aliveness; the felt sense, embodiment, body wisdom and the philosophy of the implicit as an alternative to mind identification and unconscious patriarchal inculturation. She has a deep, full hearted sense of devotion and service to Shakti and the work of the feminine.