Frequently Asked Questions: Practical Alchemy


What does the tuition support?

The tuition covers approximately 50% of the cost of the program, offsetting the cost of materials, comfortable lodging and healthy organic meals, while  also providing supplemental support for the five (or more) members of the Shakti Rising National Teaching Team who facilitate Practical Alchemy. These professional women teach in service to Shakti Rising, the movement. This work is important to us, and as such we strive to make it as inexpensive as possible.

Are there payment plan options?

​A payment plan may be tailored to your situation. Regardless, the full tuition is due 14 days prior to the event.  

Can I pay after Practical Alchemy has completed?

No, tuition is due two weeks prior to the start of Practical Alchemy. We do this for many reasons. First, you don’t have to worry the finances as you walk into Practical Alchemy, knowing that you have paid in full so that you can fully focus on the material that is alive for you. Second, we believe that our finances are an energetic exchange. Completing this part of the exchange allows the resonant field to hold you and support you, it is another step towards your full YES and commitment and investment to Self. Third, this allows us to pay for all our materials in advance so we can fully focus on the larger themes and mythic and mystic story that is unfolding.

I don’t have full amount but I know I am meant to go, what should I do? How do I fundraise on my own?

If you feel you are meant to be at Practical Alchemy, we invite you to make your deposit of $300. The tuition deposit holds an energetic and actual spot for your participation, which allows your soul and the collective oversoul of Practical Alchemy to know you are committed to coming. Over and over again we have seen that once this is done, resources start to come to those who need. It is a statement of “I will make this happen” and the universe feeds that kind of YES. Many women have used crowdfunding campaigns, all very successful, to be able to come to Practical Alchemy. The women who chose this path all had transformational experiences of asking for support and receiving. There are many crowd-funding sites and Plumfund has been popular with Practical Alchemy participants.

Are there any scholarships from Shakti Rising to attend Practical Alchemy?

  1. We are deeply committed to making this work accessible to all women. We believe in the the right relationship of money and the energetics of exchange; knowing there are many currencies available. Because of our commitment to this, we offer a class, Women and Money and if you would like to transform your relationship with money, you can do so here!

  2. We encourage you to fundraise, see above FAQ.

  3. We occasionally offer a tuition reduction in exchange for service for active Shakti Rising volunteers. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. In general,

    • At time of enrollment, a service-as-payment application can be made available. Three weeks before the Practical Alchemy you will be notified if you are awarded this privilege, and a mutually beneficial agreement will be made as to the services.

    • The value of a service-as-payment agreement will be no greater than $500.

    • The balance of the monetary payment is due 14 days prior to the event. The service payment is due prior to the start of the immersion.

How can I support other women attending Practical Alchemy?

We believe that not only are we provided for at a fundamental level, we have access to much more than we could imagine. And this brilliant truth is especially unlocked when we come together.  As stewards of a resource rich community development model, this is not a matter of finding more of a particular thing but rather unleashing what we have access to for the greater good. As a result, we begin to experience these simple truths: what we have is indeed enough and what you share gets multiplied in epic proportions. If you would like to fund a monetary scholarship and be part of a global village bank account, investing in wisdom communities for the feminine, please contact our Mistress of Plenty, and begin the journey of plenty in resource rich communities of practice.


What if I have to cancel?

If you cancel 15 days or more prior to the Practical Alchemy,  tuition is refunded (except for the deposit).  The deposit can be applied to a future Practical Alchemy (within 12 months). We trust you to track this and let us know when you plan on attending. Should the event be canceled by Shakti Rising, your payment(s) will be refunded back to you. Please contact Janice, our Queen of the Green, with any questions about refunds at

Food & Sustainability

What kind of food do you provide? Do I need to bring my own?

We provide as much locally-sourced, minimally packaged, organic food as we can. Our commitment is to support the communities where we teach, and therefore, we build relationships with local farmers, ranchers, and artisan-food producers. If there are any local farmers/producers/ranchers that you would like us to know about, please share with us!

Meals are nutritious, well-balanced, and mainly vegetarian. We provide vegan and gluten-free for those who desire that. If there are certain snacks that support you, you are welcome to bring those foods.

Where does the water come from?

We only stay at locations that have clean drinking water. We encourage all to drink the tap water rather than buy plastic bottles of water.

What are your sustainability practices?   

For us, stewardship of a place is an ongoing responsibility that WE ALL share. We are committed to offering an experience with high impact on personal and community wellbeing and low impact on our environment.

  • We maintain a Leave Good Trace policy. We consciously track the impact of our use of the home and always adhere to leaving the place better then we found it.

  • We source food from local farms and composting all our food waste- whether the location provides that service or not.

  • We use non-toxic cleaning materials, repurpose materials, and recycle.

  • We stay at locations that have clean drinking water and encourage all to drink the tap water rather than buy plastic bottles of water.

  • We teach about conservation of water, and have an environmental and sustainability component in our curriculum that all participants experience.

  • We encourage low impact travel for all attending including facilitators, and minimize our motorized travel during Practical Alchemy.

  • We research the natural areas surrounding the location and reach out to the indigenous peoples of that land, when possible. We honor the ways of the indigenous peoples by stewarding the land and using practices that they also use.

  • We support the local economy by purchasing from local businesses and in particular women- and minority-owned businesses because we see the link between sustainability and social justice.


Can I come late or leave early?

Practical Alchemy begins at 9:30 am Thursday morning and ends at 6 pm Sunday night. It is essential for you to be there the whole time, as we build the sacred container together and each experience  stacks upon one another. Opening and closing are essential parts of the experience. We wouldn’t want you and your Soul to miss out.

I’m flying in, what is the best way to get to the from the airport to the immersion location and then back to the airport?

Shakti Rising encourages low impact travel. Upon enrolling, please send your itinerary to the Queen of the Bones and she will put you into contact with other participants so that as a group, you can arrange your transportation (share a ride service, carpool, or rent llamas together, for example).

Is there a schedule of activities?

This is a full immersion into a feminine way of being, leading, and teaching. Although we do have curriculum, we do not constrict the experience with a timed agenda. We are committed to being in service to the energies that are alive and taking place. We do, however open at 9:30am on Thursday and close at 6pm Sunday evening. Other than that, we do not reside in linear time.

Leadership Pathway

What comes after Practical Alchemy?

Alchemical Practicuum! There are many steps one can take after Practical Alchemy, and Alchemical Practicuum is the recommended next step. Alchemical Practicuum is an online, international community of practice where you can apply all that your understanding of the Shakti Way of Teaching (Practical Alchemy principles, tools, concepts and alchemical process) to your life and your work, giving and receiving feedback from a wisdom community who are doing the same. You bring your challenges, insights, examples and inquiries; we bring our combined expertise with living this material across varied populations and fields.

In addition, Shakti Rising offers Shamanic Leadership Coaching and more and Alchemical Practicuum supports work in all of these.

What is the difference between Practical Alchemy and Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training?

Practical Alchemy is the first 40-hour immersion in the Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training Certificate Program (EWTT), Shakti Rising’s full-blown, full-body training in The Shakti Way of Teaching, the radical education model of feminine pedagogy built on the work of Paolo Freire, Waldorf, Montessori, and progressive education that we believe is essential for the scale and depth of change that is necessary on the planet.

Beyond Practical Alchemy, EWTT consists of several subsequent modules, including Alchemical Practicuum and The Art of Wisdom Tending.

Who are the facilitators?

The Facilitators are a dedicated group of Shakti Rising leaders from diverse backgrounds whom are called to this work and have extensive training in the Shakti Way of Teaching. We invite you to meet them here!