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from the Feminine

Shakti Rising’s Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training is a feminine-centered training model of leadership, empowerment and facilitation. This program weaves  personal healing and social change, holding both as essential to true embodiment of any and all teaching material.

EWTT goes beyond most “train the trainer” programs as it is not tied to specific content, but rather results in teachers who are leaders, able to facilitate transformation for individuals and groups, teams or organizations regardless of content or setting.


Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training program is founded in key principles of the Shakti Rising model, which has 20 years proven success in leadership development.

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Embodied Wisdom journey

at Practical Alchemy


A modern initiation into the craft of wisdom tending, Practical Alchemy is Part 1 of the Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training Program.


You will be immersed in the Shakti Way of Teaching, founded in holistic, woman-centered, trauma-informed, community-based, expressive-arts-based, leadership-oriented, and sustainable roots which cultivate the ability to facilitate transformation from the classroom to the boardroom.


This 40 hour intensive is for Visionaries, Mothers, Revolutionaries, Ministers, Journeyers, Healers, Activists, and anyone who has a vision and is ready to share it.


the change


The individual is the ripple; ripples create waves in local communities and together, waves become the tidal wave that changes the world. Holistic impact results when women who are empowered to authentically live with purpose go on to share and teach what it means to live in service committed to the greatest good of our local and global community.


Born from this concept, instead of hiring few full-time teachers, Shakti invests in many women by providing a training experience for facilitators to (1) undergo personal transformation, and (2) genuinely share embodied wisdom with countless others.


It is within this model that ripples of change spread most organically and effectively.


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Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training fundamentally shifted the way I look at myself as a woman and as a leader. Since completing this training program, I have noticed significant enhancements in almost every area of my life. I am healthier, happier, and my organization is financially more abundant than ever before. I recommend EWTT to women throughout the globe. This is truly the holistic and supportive training program modern women have been waiting for.  


Ruthi Solari, Executive Director, SuperFood Drive



It is medicine for the soul of every woman. This training helped me to tap into the great power and potential in myself. It speaks intimately to the experience of being a woman - the joys and the challenges. It helped me to validate myself…. to validate my own experience of living and life. 


Alia Shaw

Healing practitioner


Shakti’s model of facilitation trains the facilitator to first trust her intuition and deviate from the outline if necessary. How many facilitator training’s teach the facilitator that its OK to steer off the beaten path if its in best service of the group? To do this, the facilitators become masters of guiding the group to the “north star”. And we all know that when you follow the north star, you’ll always find your way.


Erin Lightfoot

Graduate student of Transformative Leadership at California Institute of Integral Studies